Halo 5 Is The Worst Halo Campaign

10 Lie 2021
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This is the greatest halo campaign
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  • For some reason this and the blood borne video always auto play after I watch his videos. I’ve probably heard this 100 times now. “Bet you didn’t expect that! The worst halo game. LET’S GOOOO!”

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  • when vale shot him with the fuel rod and then went and hid i died

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  • Its soft ball

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  • Honestly I really love the spartan abilities. It just makes the game feel better and faster pace. Halo 5 was like the second game that I’ve ever played so it’s special to me. I do agree the story is pretty bad but I had a decently good time playing halo five campaign and multiplayer. Also I’m pretty sure at the end of the video you said sprint slows down the gameplay. (Something like that) I don’t know what you’re saying I’ve had a much faster pace game play while playing halo five and cod mw 2019. And I’m just gonna say it I think halo 2’s story campaign is fine. I don’t understand why people say it’s the best story ever, and probably never will. The stuff for the covenant was really cool and interesting but for the UNSC I didn’t care that much. Sergeant Johnson is pretty cool but I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s the best game character of all time. And I think the campaign itself is also fine. I really dislike the level design and I really hate the one hit kill melee system. I think either halo reach or halo 3 I think one of the other I would say my top three favorite games. Halo and doom I really the only two franchises that I actually like and care about.

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  • 8:36 in hce Fred and Kelly were stuck on reach, and Linda was next to dead in cryo onboard the pillar of autumn. In h2 Kelly had been stolen by Halsey and taken to onyx, while Linda and Fred were in different places on earth repelling the covenant, then ran after the covies and joined Kelly on onyx. In h3 the Spartans were still stuck on onyx. And in h4 they just weren’t stationed on the infinity.

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  • The forbidden strat of letting the AI drive

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  • I have halo 5 and I agree. Campaign sucks

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  • The Spartan 2s were trapped with Halsey on a Forerunner Shield World

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  • Halo 5 AI vs Northstar Auto Titan in Titanfall 2

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  • Halo 1 and 2 were the best play throughs. Halo 3 was okay. Halo 4 I couldn’t even finish… and idk what this is… anyone think halo infinite is going to be good?

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  • I actually worked on this game as a tester, so this definitely takes me back. Unless you're trying to speed run by sprinting straight through the optional combat sections, it's way better to have at least one other human in your squad so you can revive each other. Watching the AI teammates slowly path toward you through a hail of gunfire was one of the most painful experiences, the other being the boss battle with multiple Warden Eternals and floating laser turrets on a solo legendary run.

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  • i used to mark the knights as i would run around and kill the smaller ones knowing full well they would die, so i will claim forever that i beat it single player

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  • 27:33 I know I will be called a Bungie fanboy anyway but like, Transmog wasnt pay to win. its just a cosmetic system done a little bit grindier than it should be.

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  • Who in his chat said halo 5 is not on pc xD

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  • As soon as I started this video I let out a terribly wet fart.....fitting

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  • This is far from the worst halo wtf lol

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  • Yes it is random tho

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  • Charlie says shoulder charge Destiny 2 players: what?

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  • Charlie out here acting like this game fucked his dad in the mouth and caused his mother to divorce him because of it.

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  • Is this game even about the halo rings anymore

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  • Just upload these length videos and let ppl skim if they want edited version

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  • Worse than 4??? Idk about that

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  • Yeah it was trash

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  • The healing systems have gotta be the WORST part of this stupid game. Instead of classic Halo having the Npcs somewhat immune to enemies, you gotta parent everyone if they lose their health or worse, you gotta WAIT for someone to revive you. That's just stupid

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  • Warden Eternal is the most beta third wheel enemy I've ever seen, aside from chief he is one of Cortanas top simps. Not even marines are scared of him.

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  • My guy read Fall of Reach!!

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  • 38:32 i'm gonna shit my pants from laughter lmfao

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  • Buck: (Dies) Vale: *I’ll save you Charlie senpai*

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  • This man has clearly never played halo 4 if he thinks this is the worst

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  • I'm 2 minutes in and I can say with confidence that the commentary is more entertaining than the actual story

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  • In lore, there are Spartan 2s and 3s. They were literally in the background of every single halo game aside from 4. They help chief get back to earth in CE (I think), and defend earth during 2 and 3. During 4 they were chilling until chief comes back. The reason why there are so few is because they all died young or during the human-covenant war. Also guardians are galactic peace keepers that would annihilate people if they weren’t peaceful. Which is pretty weird.

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  • Bruh

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  • halo 3 and halo reach were the best

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  • An explanation for why there was only one Spartan 2 between Halo 1 and 4 is that the other Spartan 2's are located on other planets or other parts of Earth to those visited and do not make it to New Mombasa around the relatively short amounts of time that the Covenant/Flood is on earth. There is actually a second Spartan 2 in Halo 1 that is not seen but is in the healing in the stasis pod next to chief (this also serves as a player 2 in co-op.

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  • Seeing all these waves of Prometheans is reminding me of Bungie originally wanting to stuff more big battle scenes into Halo 2 and Halo 3 Uhh, I think I'm fine with how those turned out compared to this. I know he's playing legendary but this is still a bit excessive.

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  • It always bugs me how the ar makes the br sound in the cutscene where the kill jul 'mdama

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  • The scary thing is 343 are the same developers making Halo Infinite...

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  • Halo4 and 5 are the worst games period because they are made by 343 not the original Bungie nerds... This is why I have my doubts for Infinite but I am hoping its good!!

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  • Cortana in all of the other Halo games: A super intelligent AI made by the UNSC to help them stop the Covenant Cortana in Halo 5: *villain*

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  • Strong opinion here but it looks like the texture of overwatch, UI of goodole Halo, ai from.... Idk where they got the team bot code.... But even if it has the Halo feel and gameplay every time I see the jump forward boost I can only picture genji or hanzo... Like where did the development team get scraped from the bottom of a random bucket somewhere? Why don't you have plain 'agro/ defense formation/ (actual) target focus.../ And at least "close range assault"?' As far as commanding on lay point regroup idk what practical crap they booted from during development. th5e ai kills my love for the franchise I know it's legendary but still starwars battlefront seemed to have relatively tighter team function than what this is... I still can only see overwatch skinned all on the map. Idk I'm Weird

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  • Okay so absolutely no one cares but here's what Fred Linda and Kelly were doing during the main games. In Reach all of the Remaining spartan 2s were on the planet for a special mission but it was interrupted by the covenant attack, so the entire force was split equally into two teams for the battle. Linda and Chief were in one, Fred and Kelly were in the other. Fall of Reach happens, we lose, Chief evacuates on the autumn and he takes Linda (who was seriously injured and put in cryosleep) with him. So Halo 1 happens as normal and Linda spends the whole thing in one of the pods chief is in at the start. He picks her up on the way out somehow, and heads back to Reach. Meanwhile Fred and Kelly survived the battle and were still with Dr. Halsey on reach. They all meet up do some stuff in the time between CE and 2. Halo 2 happens and while Chief is on Cairo station for the award ceremony Fred, Linda, and Kelly are getting interrogated by ONI (space CIA). Battle of Earth happens they're sent to the fight but by the time they get there Chief has already left with Johnson and Miranda to go chase the prophet of regret. So while Chief is off getting smoked by jackal snipers they all fight at the battle of earth before they're sent on a mission to investigate some forerunner stuff that might turn the tide of the war. They get stuck inside a giant forerunner artificial planet (massive paraphrase) and they spend the rest of the war there. Chief crashes on Earth cue Halo 3. Arbiter goes stab stab, Halo goes brrrr, Chief is stranded in space and the wars over. Meanwhile Fred Linda and Kelly are rescued and start going on missions again despite being offered retirement. Halo 4 happens Chief stops the Diadact and makes it back home. Hes offered retirement and declines too. Blue team is reunited and Halo 5 starts.

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  • Aye snickefritz I’ve always wondered what that bud would taste like

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  • Imagine master chief down on the ground and says "help, I've fallen and I can't get up"

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  • Did Charlie just discover Halo or what

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  • Charlie: "At least shoot the generator to save me some fucking ammo" Tanaka: *sacrifices herself to holy lands*

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    • @sonlereas dilereas 40:06

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    • What time was this at?

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  • All three Spartan II's were either definitely dead or missing presumed dead before the final credits rolled in Halo 1. All 3 died in the first two books ever written in the Halo universe. Glad to see being a corpse on the Pillar of Autumn when the reactor exploded destroying an ancient planet sized superweapon didn't hurt Linda tho. Walked it off pretty well.

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  • If you think that ai is bad you have obviously never played X-Men for nes.

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  • "Why doesn't he just throw the armor lock thing on him" **Were it so easy**

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    • Someone made a video where MC did that. It was pretty cool.

      Syphon WarlockSyphon WarlockPrieš 4 dienas
  • True

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  • That was tight!

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  • Halo 5 is basically the Xbox version of gmod, the story is shit but it’s actual gameplay is fine.

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  • Is halo 5 the modern version of Diekatana ?

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  • Moist I think you’re a couple years late

    Solan CastroSolan CastroPrieš 4 dienas
  • 38:10 is the funniest moment in the entire video

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  • Red vs Blue is more canon than 5

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  • The team A.I. in Earth Defense Force 2017 is pretty awful

    greasycheese24 the IIIgreasycheese24 the IIIPrieš 5 dienų
  • left 4 dead Ai in versus is absolute shit the bots would do circles and but their asses in our faces when we were down and refused to revive us

    gamer_ vallugamer_ valluPrieš 5 dienų
    • and watch us die

      gamer_ vallugamer_ valluPrieš 5 dienų
  • I played this and felt so fucking bored I quit and uninstalled it off my Xbox haven't touched it since

    Dylan fischerDylan fischerPrieš 5 dienų
  • I was hoping to see how you dealt with warden eternal, hardest mission by far.

    Major FrozenMajor FrozenPrieš 5 dienų
  • game is fine

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  • 12:25 - 12:47 If a game doesn't have the soul of the franchise, that's a problem, not an improvement.

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  • Wait wasnt buck in odst

    Quarren EverettQuarren EverettPrieš 5 dienų
    • Yes

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  • Haven’t watched the whole video yet, so I’m not sure if someone explained it, but here’s the story on Chief’s Squad (based on what I remember from books I read years ago): (Halo: Fall of Reach) All 4 of these Spartan IIs grew up and trained together on Reach, were good friends, and formed Blue Team. They fought the Human Insurrectionists and later the Covenant, and were all present on Reach during the Covenant invasion. Master Chief was assigned to leave the planet on the Pillar of Autumn and take Cortana, while the rest of them were pretty much just left to fight the Covenant and die. Linda fought alongside him to get him on board but was fatally injured, and Chief dragged her on board and put her in the cryopod next to his until she could be treated (she is I think the P2 in Halo CE, as seen by a medical display in the remaster). (Halo: First Strike) After escaping Halo Installation 4 in the first game, he finds her Cryopod adrift in space and retrieves it, and along with some other UNSC stragglers manages to heal her somewhat, and she returns to Earth with him but is not in real fighting shape during the events of Halo 2. I’m not exactly sure where she goes after this, but I think she is sent to Reach and reunites with the other two? (Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, I think) Fred & Kelly were together with some Spartan IIIs & Halsey on Reach and I think found a Forerunner Teleporter and were warped to Onyx, which then transforms into Shield World, trapping them inside and keeping any help from reaching them. In some later books (Kilo Five Trilogy), the group manages to unlock the Shield World, and is rescued by the UNSC sometime before Halo 4. Chief is on the other side of the Galaxy for that game, but when he returns to Earth after defeating the Didact in Halo 4, is reunited with his squad and they begin performing military operations again. There’s a comic series where they are sent to fight the Didact, who survived Halo 4, and then they just keep doing their thing until this game. Im pretty fuzzy on the Fred/Kelly stuff after Fall of Reach, but I think is fairly accurate. Hope Charlie or anyone else curious sees this!

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  • BUCK WHY, what the fuck?

    DomsDomsPrieš 5 dienų
  • I could've sworn that the Master Chief was referred to as "The Last Spartan" in the old days. Then all of the sudden, the other Spartan-II's in his Blue Team started showing up? I get there are books and graphic novels, which I'm not really into, tbh, but in retrospect, Halo 5 pretty much ruined the story and gaming in general for me. Even though I haven't played the games for a little while, I'm hoping Infinite will be different.

    Blue LightBlue LightPrieš 5 dienų
    • 🍕

      Fuze them allFuze them allPrieš 4 dienas
  • As someone whos into the lore, that part with chat trying to explain the Spartan IIs really hurt me on an emotional level

    JJJBunney001JJJBunney001Prieš 5 dienų
    • Amen brother

      Karl DoenitzKarl DoenitzPrieš 21 val
  • When he tries to make buck pick up the needler to bait the sniper and it just shoots him anyway i fucking die

    The real SpacerThe real SpacerPrieš 5 dienų
  • 0:45 "I hear the gameplay's good" stop hearing from that source immediately, they could be plotting to kill you

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  • 8:30 I know i'm a little late to the party, but here we go. Where was the rest of Cheif's team during Halo's 1-4 Halo 1: Linda (Sniper gal) was on the pillar of autumn in Cryo. Her pod was ejected in orbit around halo and was picked up by chief after halo 1. Fred and Kelly: they were on Reach still. Halo 2: Linda, Fred, and Kelly were on earth during the begin of Halo 2, after that they went to a planet called Onyx. Which turned out to be a forerunner shield world and shit hit the fan. Halo 3: Trapped in a forerunner shield world. (kinda like what you see in halo 4.) They eventually got out after a few years. Halo 4: This is the only one we really don't know...Mostly because no one even knew chief was alive.

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  • Halo 5: Combat Devolved

    larry damagelarry damagePrieš 5 dienų
  • I'm impressed with how little work the ai has gotten in halo over the years. Everything behaves the EXACT SAME since halo 2 or 3.. "Innovation? What the hell is that?"

    Seth RudfeltSeth RudfeltPrieš 5 dienų
  • They should e kept master chief as the sole surviving spartan... And they should've kept so much more from halo 1 and 2. Things really went downhill from there...

    Seth RudfeltSeth RudfeltPrieš 5 dienų
  • 17:46 "I can't think of any worse team AI in a video game, ever." I'd like to present to you, the Left 4 Dead AI...

    Mrethyk J'lakMrethyk J'lakPrieš 5 dienų
  • whats even more ironic about Halo 5 is the whole story is about AI

    Cai PughCai PughPrieš 5 dienų
  • Agreed

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  • Playing FPS with a controller? ew

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  • Everyone hates halo 5 bandwagon common knowledge but I would still play it

    tv tissuetv tissuePrieš 6 dienų

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  • im late to this video but i think the AI is bad bc you put it in legendary mode but idk

    Nero TakashiNero TakashiPrieš 6 dienų
  • "Intros pretty cool" Famous last words

    Kaleb GuessKaleb GuessPrieš 6 dienų
  • Gameplay is fun / at times great, grandiose in the intro … then you start playing Osiris … which Buck is the only redeemable character lol. The shift from chief focus sucks haha. I thought because you were playing it meant it was on PC since I live under a rock.

    Dane DeMuthDane DeMuthPrieš 7 dienų
  • The game is good just not the campaign

    Kuro KaritoriKuro KaritoriPrieš 7 dienų
  • I hated the 5th and 4th games it felt like they were to bulky

    MexicoMexicoPrieš 7 dienų
  • I genuinely had fun playing this game with its new mechanics, weapons and HUD etc. Getting Legendary is the easiest one in the series including the Achievements. Also loved the multiplayer until it became ptw. Story was meh, but liked the idea of ODST's becoming spartans.

    SpiritWalkerSpiritWalkerPrieš 7 dienų
  • game good, i like the multiplayer, campaign bad

    TheLordsOfGamingTheLordsOfGamingPrieš 7 dienų
  • penguinz0: Halo 5 Is The Worst Halo Campaign Me: Ah yes, the floor is made of floor

    Danny AndersonDanny AndersonPrieš 7 dienų
  • halo 5 builds the player and teaches them to get by without good teammates

    Matsune PMatsune PPrieš 7 dienų
  • none of you told him that the team is only good for healing and theyre mediocre at even that?

    Matsune PMatsune PPrieš 7 dienų
  • They got rid of couch coop

    john smithjohn smithPrieš 7 dienų
  • 50:45 That fucking backhand took me out😅🤣😂 HIS PIMP HAND IS STRONG AF.

    K1DD KYRIOSK1DD KYRIOSPrieš 7 dienų
  • 12:40 MCC: I'm about to ruin this man's whole career.

    PosthumanHeresyPosthumanHeresyPrieš 7 dienų
  • 48:20 Charlie that was so painful to watch. You're whole team failed you in the exact same way 😅

    K1DD KYRIOSK1DD KYRIOSPrieš 7 dienų
  • 7:45 Kelly was kidnapped by Halsey, Linda was clinically dead (she's the Spartan in the other cryo bay in Halo 1 who's listed as a corpse), and Fred was with Kelly. Kelly, Linda and Fred are off on different ops during Halo 2, leading to Kelly, Linda and Fred going with Halsey to Onyx and being stuck there until after Halo 3. Kelly and Fred are stranded on Reach during Halo 1. Linda is in the Pillar of Autumn the entire time and her cryopod is launched into space and picked up by Chief and Cortana between Halo 1 and 2, leading to her revival.

    PosthumanHeresyPosthumanHeresyPrieš 7 dienų
  • The intro to Halo 5 _screams_ "Rooster Teeth got Monty Oum before we could only to let him fucking die."

    PosthumanHeresyPosthumanHeresyPrieš 7 dienų
    • Not sure dying because an allergic reaction counts as letting someone die

      JJJBunney001JJJBunney001Prieš 5 dienų
  • You are a pessimist lmao

    Aragorn IIAragorn IIPrieš 7 dienų